Pickle Cemetery — Turon Quadrangle
Monroe County, Mississippi

Personal Survey 11/21/00
Greg Green

Location: This cemetery is located in Township 13 South Range 16 West. On USGS maps it appears to be located on the section line between Sections 12 and 13. The graves are located in the edge of the woods directly across the road from a house with "Jones" on the mailbox. A more permanent landmark is a blue water line marker that is approximately 10 feet from the graves.

Directions from Detroit-Hatley Road: If traveling form Detroit to Hatley, take right on Bethlehem Road, take the first paved left after crossing Splunge Creek, look for Jones mailbox and blue sign. If traveling from Hatley take left on Jones Road, follow road for a couple miles along a ridge and across Splunge Creek. look for Jones mailbox and blue sign.

1. Alford Francis Pickle 12/27/1863 - 1885

2. Alford Pickle 4/01/1830 - 4/10/1900

Second Marker: Alfred Pickle Co. F 2nd Miss State Cav. CSA with the following hand carved passage at

the bottom of the stone:

A Loving Husband

A Father Dear

A Faithful Friend

Lie Berried Here

3. Sealy Ann Pickle 2/1828 - 10/21/1888


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