Burdine Cemetery

Transcribed 16 August 2002
by Patricia Horne

Location: 2.5 miles east of Smithville at the corner of Kennedy and Pearce Chapel Road

Bowen, Susan Odenda 10-11-1850 5-11-1853 child of J. W. & M. C.
Bowen, Infant no dates   child of J. W. & M. C.
Burdine, Adeline 4-28-1822 12-16-1844 wife of John F.
Burdine, Mary A. 12-5-1847 2-2-1876  
Burdine, Rev. John F.   1-20-1882 age 70 years
Burdine, Martha A.   12-6-1896  
Burdine, Dessie 1-22-1852 2-2-1900 wife of J. C.
Burdine, Johnny C. no dates    
Cox, Lawrence 10-2-1905 1-1-1906 son of L. H. 7 M. F.
Harris, D. M. 6-20-1850 1-31-1906 age 55 years
Harris, Sally C. Mosby 2-18-1850 12-24-1898 wife of D. M.
Stegall, W. M. 3-1819 9-30-1898  
Stegall, E. L. 12-8-1823 10-8-1889 wife of W. M.
Stegall, Willie S. 5-12-1849 11-30-1872 child of W. M. & E. L.
Stegall, Albert 9-12-1844 9-16-1847 child of W. M. & E. L.
Stegall, Venetia 3-6-1843 11-2-1844 child of W. M. & E. L.
Stegall, Henry 7-8-1847 12-3-1848 child of W. M. & E. L.
Stegall, Ann Marie 2-4-1854 7-28-1855 child of W. M. & E. L.

One broken marker no name.
One grave with rock markers, no name or date.
Two concrete slabs covering unmarked graves.


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