Cockerham Cemetery

Transcribed by Theresa Whitaker,

Additional information by Jean Carr,

General Directions: Coming west from Gattman Ms on highway 278, go south on Wolfe Rd. Take a right on Bartahatchie Road. Then take another right on what I think is Grubb Springs road. Cockerham cemetery will be on the right side of the road.

Here are a few names from the Cockerham Cemetery:

Lula M wife of J F Hunnicutt, Feb 19, 1859-Sept 18, 1905

J F Honeycutt, 1852-1949

Jeff Barton Honeycutt, Sept 20, 1876-

Lennie Nix Honeycutt, Feb 5, 1880- Mar 20, 1931

Andrew J Honeycutt 1916-1945

Hazel J Honeycutt 1919-1934

John F Moton, June 10, 1888-Sept 20, 1939

Polly Moton, Apr 2, 1892-


From: Jean Carr,
Additional Information:
Cockerham Cemetery is located in Grubb Springs Community on the property of the late PETER & LEVICY SMITH COCKERHAM. They were early settlers, and he was a brickmaker. They both died the same day and are buried in a double grave. The tombs placed there are not at the actual grave site, but placed to the east on the back row.

1. Lou Ella Young
John Austin Young

2. Mettie Lou Smith Anglin
Henry A.Anglin

3. J. C. Smith

4. James Nunon Smith
Sept 19, 1867-Mar 13, 1945
Deloris Alice (Young) Smith
11/7/1867-Sept 23, 1950

5. William Thomas Smith
1860-Oct 27, 1947
Sallie L.

6. Honeycutt
Virgie R. * Woodie
1888-1944 * 1882-

7. James Albert Smith
Dec 2,1873-Nov 20,1941

8. Ludie H. Boyd
Apr 4, 1890-Feb 28, 1963
Earnest Boyd

9. Charlie E. Smith 2/29/1928
Mississippi Pvt U.S.Army

10. Lucille Smith

11. Jessie Martin Smith
Patsy B. (Martha Burgess)
1821-1/15/1900 age 79yrs 7 mos 13 days

12. Jeffie Martin Smith 1884-1966
Charles Ebb Smith 1883-1962

13. Lillie Rosylee Boyd
Aug 11, 1874-4/23/1923
Jimmy Boyd
Sept 16, 1873-Oct 30, 1958

14. Lola S. Cockerham
Oct 12, 1886-3/24/1968
Charlie E. Cockerham
Sept 7, 1887-1/30/1938

15. James M.Smith
E. I. wife of J. M. Smith

16. Claudie H. Smith (Harvey Smith's son)

17. Maggie (Winders) Smith
J. Harvey Smith

18. Mary E. daugher of W.G. & M.E.Smith
(daughter of William Green Smith and Elizabeth Randall Smith)

19. Fannie Smith daughter of M.J. & Wm.Oney Smith 12/16/1880-3/10/1898

20. Mary J.Smith wife of Wm.Oney Smith
(Tomb broken) I need her death date.
She was born Oct 18, 1846
nee Mary Jane Boyd
William Oney Smith

21. Minnie V. (Smith) Taylor
Benjamin Taylor

22. Vergie Dabbs Wilson
J. A. Dabbs

23. Albert B.Smith
Mary A. 12/25/1889- no date

24. Minnie Mae Boyd 1886-1960
Lon C. Boyd 1876-1956

25. Mrs. E. J. Outan
12/4/1829-oct 6,1899

26. Georgia Ann (Collins) Smith
Zack D. Smith

27. David Smith son of Zack D. Smith
Aug 24, 1880-Oct 12, 1910

28. E. C. Smith (Ezekiah Clark Smith)
N. F. Smith (nee Nancy Frances Langford)
age 85 died 2/1/1925

29. Rowdy Smith 2/6/1887-3/25/1906
Pvt. Mississippi Co.151 Division Inf.World War 1

30. M. E. Smith wife of W. G. Smith
1/15/1815-5/6/1881(nee Elizabeth Randall)
W. G. Smith (William Green Smith)

31. Ellie W. Smith son of M. J. & Wm.Oney

32. Lena S. 4/16/1882- no date
James Woodie Smith
Aug 28, 1881-July 9, 1959

33.Jerusha E.
L. M.Nix

34. John T. Smith died June 8, 1862
age 22 yrs 10 mos 19 days
Member of Capt. N. J. Becket's Co. G 41st Miss.Inf.died in battle

35. Flossie D. Randall daughter of J. W. & J. A. Randal born March 9, 1896
died March 25, 1896 age 16 days

36. Wm. T. Isbell (no dates)
Co G 41 Miss Inf CSA

37. Wm. Cockerham 1815-1878
Sgt. Co A1 bn Miss Inf CSA

38. Sarah wife of H. F. Cockerham
born about 1826 die Oct 17, 1874
Henry Franklin Cockerham
died Aug 19, 1897 age about 70 yrs.

39. Mary M. Cockerham
Jan 7, 1838-Feb 14, 1895

40. James Albert Guin
Nov 7, 1883-Jan 10, 1953
Laura (Taylor) Guin
Apr 18, 1885-Mar 21, 1946

41. Alman Guin (Wiley Alman)
Sept 7, 1886-Jan 12, 1947

42. Guy Oney Smith
Sept 12, 1879-Nov 10, 1939
Florence Elizabeth Smith
Nov 7, 1883-Apr 6, 1950
(nee Warren born in Marysville, Calif.; married Sept 6, 1906 in Marysville)

43. Levicy Smith Cockerham and Samuel Peter Cockerham are buried there in a double marker. It was covered with a low brick wall with a wood roof over it of split wood shingles.the brick and roof are gone. Someone has placed markers for them east of the original grave, and some of the markers have been moved from the center of the cemetery to the back/north side and placed in a row with Peter and Levicy's new markers.

Note: Levicy Smith Cockerham was a sister to Hezekiah Smith of Franklin County, Georgia. Three of his sons are buried there. They were William Green Smith, Jessie Martin Smith, and Ezekiah Clark Smith. Peter Cockerham was born 1786 Lunenburg Co., Virginia. I will have to lookup my notes on their death,etc and forward it. Peter and Levicy died the same day and are buried together.

The Cockerham Cemetery is on the Peter and Levicy Cockerham land. He was a brick maker. The brick that surrounded the grave was made at his place. They are all gone. Only a sunken square remains of the grave.

This is not a full list of the burials there. I hope this will help out. I will be glad exchange info.


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