Danner Cemetery

Visited and Transcribed by Nita Lindsey, June 2003

Directions: Go to caution light at Gattman, and turn right onto Mayor Street. Then turn right on Nell Street and go to the end of the road. Go over an old boarded bridge that crosses a small creek, and stop your vehicle at the end of the field that has a small fork. (The left is a logging road, and the right is what is left of a grown up road). My advice for anyone going to this cemetery is if in the summer time spray yourself with bug repellant and be prepared to walk a small distance. Park your vehicle at the forks and walk to the right until you get to the top of the hill.

Word of caution: I don't know if the one we found was it or not. [If you think this may be another cemetery or know that it is Danner Cemetery, please contact the county coordinator.]

There are only two tombstones amongst the graves. The first one that you will see is a double stone which reads:

Lavina McKnown-b/Nov. 27, 1830-d/3-31-1870
W.M. Mitchell McKnown-b/June 25, 1830-d/1-28, 1862.

Then there are about 3 or 4 graves in a row that only have sandstones for the head and foot, then there is the other tombstone that reads:

Francis Morrow, Co. A,1 Miss Inf, c.s.a.(no birth or death dates)

This cemetery has no name posted and it is grown up. If anyone goes in the summer, spray bug repellant for ticks, and if during hunting season, abundance of hunter orange is recommended.

If this is not the cemetery then I still have not found it. Someone said that the graves were moved when the highway came through. If my Danner descendants are buried in the unmarked graves, they would also have the birth/death range as the ones marked.

Also I don't recommend anyone trying to drive across the small creek bridge with a vehicle that has a low to ground bottom.


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