Monroe County Cemeteries

After 15 years of creating and maintaining my county genealogy websites,and reaching an age where my interests and hobbies are changing to gardening and grandchildren, I am not taking new submissions for my sites anymore.What is here will stay, and I hope you can use it in your research. Thank you.

Saving Graves.

Abbott Cemetery Strong - 26 - 15 - 7 Transcribed R.E. Hathcock
Aberdeen Cemetery Aberdeen Available  
Parker Alexander Cemetery E of Aberdeen Tombigbee Bridge - 26 - 14 - 15 Available  
Joe Allen Cemetery Hwy 25 N - 4 - 12 - 18 Available  
Alsop Cemetery N of Louise Adairs - 19 - 14 - 16 Available  
Arlington Springs N of Louise Adairs - 25 - 14 - 16 Available  
Athens Cemetery Athens - NW of jail - 5 - 13 - 18 Available  
Atkins Cemetery Nettleton - 11 - 12 - 7 Available  
Baker Cemetery Greenwood Springs - 3 - 14 - 17 Complete Transcribed by Jessica Fry
Baker Cemetery Egypt - N McAlister Road - 11 - 13 - 6 Available  
Baker-Union Cemetery 5th District - on site of former Union Church Partial  
Baptist Grove Cemetery by church - W of Prairie 8 - 15 - 6 Adopted Andrea Adams-King
Beck-Westbrook Cemetery 5th District - 17 - 13 - 7 Available  
Beeks Cemetery 2 mi SE of Athens - 10 - 14 - 18 Complete David Howell
Bell Cemetery 5th District - begun in 1821 for Chickasaws - 23 - 13 - 17 Available  
Berry Cemetery (aka Seely Cemetery) Amory SW Complete Elizabeth Kidd
Bethel Cemetery 3rd District - by Church - 11 - 16 - 7 Available  
Bethlehem Cemetery near Oak Hill Community - 6 - 12 - 16 Photos by Jonell Powell
Betts Cemetery 5th District - 1 grave - W of Camargo - 17 - 12 - 6 Available  
Blackwood Grove Cemetery E of Calvary Church - 5th district - 9 - 12 - 6 Available  
Blair Cemetery - 2nd transcription -
(see also a partial transcription)
Gattman; E of former Soul's Chapel - 12 - 14 - 17 Complete  Tabitha Easter
Stacey Blair Cemetery 2nd district - 11 - 13 - 18 Available  
Boggan Cemetery Greenwood Springs - 7 - 13 - 17 Complete Steve Ritter; See also photos
Bolivar Cemetery 2 mi N of Athens by Halfway Creek - 29 - 14 - 18 Available  
Boyd Cemetery 3rd District - on Indian Mound - 10 - 15 - 18 Available  
Bransford Cemetery Wren - 25 - 13 - 6 Available  
Brassfield Cemetery NE of Lake Monroe - 10 - 13 - 7 Available  
Richard Brown Cemetery West of Bethlehem Complete  Patricia Horne
Bryan Cemetery 220 ft N of Matubba Bridge, Aberdeen - 26 - 14 - 7 Available  
Buchanan Cemetery 5th District - W of Camargo - 3 - 12 - 6 Available  
Buckingham Cemetery 2 mi NE of Aberdeen on Old River Road - 10 - 14 - 19 Available  
Buckingham Cemetery S of Lackey - 1 - 15 - 19 Available  
Burdens Cemetery 4th District - near King's Chapel Cemetery - 30 - 15 - 17 Available  
Burdine Cemetery Turon - W of Pierce's Chapel - 4 - 12 - 9 Complete Patricia Horne
Burns Cemetery Amory SW - 16 - 14 - 18 Available  
Butler Cemetery NE of New Hamilton - 21 - 15 - 18 Available  
Caldwell Cemetery N of Old Wren Available  
Caldwell Cemetery Hwy 25 SW of Smithville Complete Rita Thompson
Camargo Cemetery Above Town Creek SW of Nettleton Available  
Camp Cemetery W of Quincy Complete  Edwin Rogers
Carter (1870) Cemetery on George Sanders Farm Available  
William P. Carter Cemetery By Weaver Creek SE of Hatley Available  
Carter, Nash Cemetery NE of Athens Available  
Carter, Neely Cemetery S of Lann Available  
Cedar Grove Cemetery by church NW of Aberdeen Complete Jacqueline Lewis & Jack Pickens
Cedar Grove Cemetery #2 near Hamilton Partial William T. Thornton
Center Cemetery Greenwood Springs Partial  James Wise
Center Hill Cemetery by church Find-a-Grave  
Center Point Cemetery site of Old Church Available  
Chapel Grove Cemetery W of McAllister Road by church Available  
Chism Cemetery NW of Quincy on back road Available  
Clark Cemetery almost extreme NW of county Available  
Cockerham Cemetery Gattman Partial  
Coleman Cemetery Prairie Available  
Conwill Cemetery Nettleton Available  Photo
County Home Cemetery Amory SW Complete Patricia Horne
Cowley Cemetery Turon Complete Patricia Horne  
Charles Cox Cemetery In Splunge Bottom Available  
Cox-Gilliland Cemetery near Hatley Complete  
George A. Crawford Cemetery W of Tranquil Available  
Crenshaw Cemetery Greenwood Springs Complete

Patricia Horne; See also: Crenshaw at Just Across the Line

Crossroads Cemetery S of church W of Muldon Available  
Cunningham Cemetery near an Indian mound N of Colbert Hill; N33 58.4', W088 33.7' near the end of Wayne Dykes Rd on Cotton Gin Hill in Wren Partial? James Archer
Daniel Cemetery in Gulf Ordnance Plant Available  
Danner Cemetery on hill S of Gattman Complete Nita Lindsey
Darden's Chapel Cemetery S of church Adopted Sam Blake
Davis Cemetery by Pine Grove Methodist Church Available  
Dilworth (1860) Cemetery 6 markers by Dilworth home Available  
Dilworth (1891) Cemetery by Dilworth store Available  
Dobbs Cemetery E of Cockerham Bridge Available  
Duke Cemetery Strong Available  
Dunlap Cemetery Smithville Complete Patricia Horne
Dyche Cemetery 6 mi S of Aberdeen Completed R. E. Harthcock
Easter Cemetery Greenwood Springs Complete  
Lewis or Elbert Easter Cemetery Greenwood Springs Complete  
Ebenezer Cemetery By church of Gibson Available  
Enon Cemetery NW of New Prospect Available  
Evans Cemetery Union soldiers killed in Grierson's Raid Available  
Fears Cemetery Athens-Quincy Road Available  
Fig Hill Cemetery by church Available  
First Nichols Cemetery 4 mi E of Aberdeen Available  
Flynt Cemetery S of Greenbrier Available  
Foushee Cemetery near Chickasaw County line Available  
George Stanford Cemetery near Smithville Complete Patricia Horne
Free Grace Cemetery by church in Darracott Available  
Friendship Cemetery Aberdeen by church Available  
Fuqua Cemetery East of Hatley Cemetery Complete Patricia Horne
Gates Cemetery S of old Hwy 41 Available  
George Cemetery E of S end of McAlister Road Available  
Gilleylen Cemetery Amory Available  
Gilleylen Cemetery near Hatley Complete Sanford W. Downs
Goldsmith Cemetery Hwy 25 N Available  
Gordon Cemetery S of Hwy 41 Available  
Gray Cemetery cut off road S of Liberty Adopted Susan Ford
Greenbrier Cemetery Becker Partial Lorraine Dendy
Greenwright Cemetery 1 marker NW of Splunge Available  
Gunn Cemetery on Young place near Muldon Available  
Harmony Cemetery by church Completed Patricia Horne
Hathcock Cemetery Turon Complete Patricia Horne
Hatley Cemetery Hatley Adopted
Haughton Memorial Park Amory Adopted
Henderson Cemetery NE of Ebenezer Church Available  
Hester Cemetery Bigbee Complete  
Hester Site 2nd oldest prehistoric site in US Available  
Hilliard Cemetery   Available  
Hogan Cemetery near Council Tree marker Available  
Holliday Cemetery intersection of Hwys Alt 45 & 382 Available  
Holliday Cemetery (1877) by former Friendship Church Available  
Mathew Holliday Cemetery overlooking Bigbee Available  
Howell Cemetery Amory Complete David Howell
Irvin Cemetery Greenwood Springs Complete  
James Creek Cemetery by church S of Aberdeen Complete  Elizabeth Kidd
Johnson Cemetery North Amory Available  
Johnson Cemetery Athens-Quincy Road Available  
Johnson-Cook Cemetery Highway 25 at Amory Community Center  Complete Patricia Horne  
Jones Cemetery 2 mi SW of Greenwood Springs Complete David Howell
Jones Cemetery 3 mi NE of Smithville Complete Patricia Horne
Jones Cemetery E of Railroad (3rd District) Available  
Jones Chapel Cemetery W of Church Partial
Photos by Jonell Powell
Keys Cemetery NW of New Hope by Wolf Creek (5th district) Available  
Kings Chapel Cemetery N of Church (4th district) Available  
King's Mountain Cemetery 1 mi E of Louise Adairs Available  
Kirkpatrick Cemetery by Weaver Creek NW of Becker Available  
Knowles Cemetery N of Athens Available  
Lackey Cemetery Lackey Available  
Lakeview Cemetery near Old River Road Available  
Lann Cemetery 2 mi W of Splunge Complete   Terry Thornton
Lann Cemetery N side of Athens Available  
Laughridge Cemetery by old Fay Willis home Available  
Lawson Cemetery Amory Available  
League Chapel Cemetery by Church (4th district) Available  
Lebanon Cemetery Strong Adopted Rebecca White
Lenoir Cemetery Confederate & Union Soldiers (4th district) Available  
Lenoir Cemetery SW of Prairie Available  
Lewis Cemetery 3 mi E of Greenbrier Available  
Liberty Cemetery mostly in Itawamba County by Church Available  
Lindsay/Lindsey Cemetery S of Burdine and Wax (1st district) Complete  Patricia Horne
Lockhart Cemetery W of Gattman Complete Greg Green
Marchbanks Cemetery Amory SE Complete James Wise
Masonic Cemetery Amory Partial
Massey Cemetery N of Hwy 41 Available  
Maxey Cemetery 1.5 mi SW of Pierce's Chapel Complete Patricia Horne
McDuffa Cemetery N of Ross Cemetery
McKinney Cemetery Greenwood Springs Complete Patrician Horne  
McNairy Cemetery in Gulf Ordnance Plant Available  
McQuiston's Grove Cemetery W of Dred Sykes Cemetery Available  
Moore Cemetery Darracott Available  
L. C. Moore Cemetery 3 mi E of Becker Adopted Andrea Adams-King
Morrison Family Cemetery N of Hatley Complete Patricia Horne
Moss Cemetery Yellow Springs (3rd district) Available  
Moss and Reed Cemetery Amory SE Available  
Mound Cemetery Wren (or Indian Mound SW of Amory) Available  
Mount Hebron Cemetery N of Beeks Cemetery Available  
Mount Moriah Cemetery by church on Hwy 45 N Available  
Mount Nebo Cemetery by old church near Alex Chandlers Available  
Mount Olivet Cemetery on Hwy 45 N of church Available  
Mount Union Cemetery E of church near Hwy 25 at Muldon Available  
Mount Zion Cemetery (or Old Mt. Zion) near Gibson by Church Complete Jacqueline Lewis & Jack Pickens
Mount Zion Cemetery by site of 1st Baptist church in county (1st district) Available  
Mullins Cemetery Nettleton Available  
Munson-Kyle-Howell Cemetery on old Hwy 41 Available  
Nethery Cemetery S Sipsey Complete  Greg Green
Nettleton Cemetery S Nettleton Available  
Nettleton Club Cemetery near Tombigbee River Available  
New Hope (Coontail) Cemetery s of Church (5th district) Complete David Howell
New Hope Cemetery near Hatley Adopted Brenda Cox Elliott
New Hope Cemetery, Parham, Monroe County This is an off-site Link and has excellent directions on it Terry Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi Copyright © William T. Thornton August 2008 All Rights Reserved
New Prospect Cemetery W of Hwy 45 by Church (5th district) Available  
New Prospect Cemetery Lackey Complete David Howell
Nichols Cemetery 3 mi E of Aberdeen Available  
Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens Aberdeen Complete David Howell
Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery Aberdeen Partial
Mona Tomlinson
Photos by Jackie Rhodes
Old Aberdeen Cemetery Aberdeen Available Photos by Jackie Rhodes
Old Centre Cemetery 2nd district Available  
Old Hamilton Cemetery near 1st courthouse on Sam Crawford place Available  
Old Hebron Cemetery on old Gregg-Garth place  
Old Pickles Cemetery E Sipsey Available  
Old Quincy Cemetery Quincy Partial Jessica Fry
Old Union Cemetery Egypt Available  
Page's Chapel Cemetery near Chickasaw County line Available  
Paine's Cemetery N of Town Creek (5th district) Available  
Paine's Chapel Cemetery Muldon Available  
Pea Ridge Cemetery 4th district Available  
Pearce Chapel Cemetery by church near Smithville Complete  Patricia Horne
Bobby Pickle Cemetery near Alabama line - 12 - 12 - 7 Complete  Greg Green
Pickle Cemetery Sipsey-Detroit Road Complete  Greg Green
Pickle Cemetery Turon Complete  Greg Green
Pickle Cemetery Nettleton Available  
George Pickle Cemetery near Cooper Jones Available  
U. D. Pickle Cemetery near B. G. Hathcock's - 1st district Available  
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery north of Thompston Cemetery - 1st district Available  
Pine Grove Cemetery 5th district - NW of church Available  
Pisgah Cemetery off Peacely Ferry Rd. N34 00.7' W088 34.3' in Wren Adopted  Kay Koonce
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 4th district - by church Available  
Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery 3rd district; near Alabama line Complete James Hardy Wise; partial transcription by Jan Murff Melton
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Old Hamilton Rd., Lackey (1.5 mi S of Westville) Adopted Bobby & Betty Berry
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 3rd district - by Church Available  
Pleasant Valley Cemetery 5th district - W of church on McAlister Road Available  
Poplar Springs Cemetery 5th district - by church NW section of county Available  
Posey Cemetery Amory (2nd district) Available  
Prairie Cemetery W of town Available  
Puckett Cemetery by Hwy 278 NW of Quincy Available  
Quincy Cemetery Quincy Adopted Jessica Fry
Ray Cemetery near Alabama line Complete  Greg Green
Reedy Cemetery 2 mi N of Prairie on a mound Available  
Reeves Cemetery S Wolfe Road Available  
Reich Cemetery N of Hatley Available  
Reynolds Cemetery district line road - 5th district Available  
Riggan Chapel Cemetery 1st district - site of old church Complete Lois Clements
Riggans Cemetery NE of county by Alabama - 1st district Adopted  Lola Cates
Roberts Cemetery W of Cockerham Bridge Available  
Roberts, Griffin Cemetery Old Hamilton Available  
Tom Roberts Cemetery 3 mi W of Lann Cemetery Available  
Will Roberts Cemetery W of Thompson Cemetery Available  
Rogers Cemetery 4th district Available  
Ross Cemetery 1 mi N of Hamilton School Available  
Rowland Cemetery N of Aberdeen Available  
Sandifer Cemetery Aberdeen-Caledonia Road Available  
Sardis Cemetery Hamilton - on Reeves place S of Caledonia Road Adopted Ann M. LeDoux
Sartor Cemetery 2 mi S of Larger Sartor Cemetery Available Note: This cemetery is listed on an inventory by Dr. Charles Granville Hamilton but has not been located. 
Sartor Cemetery 3 mi S of Greenwood Springs Complete Tom and Merle Henderson
Seely/Seeley Cemetery Pace Rd., Lackey Complete Elizabeth Kidd
Shiloh Cemetery W of Thompson Cemetery - 1st district Complete Patricia R. Horne

Silome/Siloam Cemetery

Siloam Cemetery #1

1 mi W of Old Pearce's Chapel Complete Patricia R. Horne
Small Cemetery By Riggins Cemetery Available  
Smith Cemetery 1 mi S of Weaver Creek Complete Thomas Richard Plunkett
Smith/Sullivan/Lindsey Cemetery near Smithville Complete Patricia Horne
Smithson Cemetery on Neeley Creek .5 mi E of Wolfe Road Available  
Smithville Cemetery Smithville Partial
Splunge Cemetery Chickasaw Indian Cemetery Available  
Splunge School Cemetery 1 marker Complete Greg Green & Patricia Horne
Spring Creek Cemetery W of Darracott by church Available  
Springfield/Suggs Cemetery 3 mi NE of Smithville Complete Patricia Horne
St. Paul CME Church Cemetery Hatley-Detroit Road Complete Patricia Horne
Stegall Cemetery near Smithville Complete Patricia Horne
Stewart Cemetery Caledonia Available  
Stockton Cemetery NW of Weaver Creek Complete William T. Thornton, Joseph Burks, T.S. Thornton
Strevel Road Cemetery (name unknown) 3 miles S of Aberdeen Available  
Strong Cemetery Strong - by Church Available  
Strong Cemetery near Clay County Available  
Suggs Cemetery 3 mi NE of Hatley by Oak Grove School Complete  Patricia Horne
Sullivan Cemetery 1st district - NE of the county Available  
Sullivan Cemetery N of B. G. Hathcock's - 1st district Complete Patricia Horne
Sullivan Cemetery - 2nd transcription 3rd district Complete Mabel Criddle
Sweet Pilgrim Church Cemetery Strong Available  
Sykes Cemetery near Muldon Available  
Dred Sykes Cemetery N of Old Hebron Available  
Tartt Cemetery E of Hwy 371 Available  
Taylor Cemetery Darracott Available  
Third Union Cemetery (Muldon) - E of church SW of Lenoir's Available  
Thompson Cemetery Wren/Coontail Available  
Thompson Cemetery NE of Splunge Complete  Evelyn Huff & Wanda Irwin
Tindall Cemetery N of Matubba Bridge at Aberdeen Available  
Tranquil Cemetery by church on Hwy 45 N Adopted  
Troup Cemetery SW of Kerr-McGee Plant Available  
Tubb Cemetery SW of Greenbrier Available  
Union Grove Cemetery Bigbee - on Hwy 371 W of Hester Cemetery Partial  
Union Grove Cemetery 5th district - by church E of Hwy 45 N Adopted Andrea Adams-King
Walker Cemetery W of Chapel Grove Cemetery - 5th district Adopted  A. Crump
Walker Cemetery 5 mi SW of Muldon Available  
Walker Cemetery Darracott Available  
Walters Cemetery - 2nd transcription - 3rd transcription 3rd district Complete James Hardy Wise
Watkins Cemetery NE of Muldon Available  
Watkins, Gude Cemetery 4 mi W of Muldon Available  
Watson Cemetery behind Methodist Church Complete Rebecca White
Ware Hill Cemetery Egypt Available  
Wax Cemetery 2 mi SE of Smithville on Hwy 25 Available  
Wax Cemetery W of Burdine Cemetery Complete  Patricia Horne
West Cemetery N of New Hamilton Available  
West Cemetery S of Greenbrier Available  
J. West Cemetery Lackey Available  
Westbrook Cemetery E of Hwy 45 Available  
Whitfield Cemtery W of Wolf Creek on Mose Hardy Place Available  
Williams Cemetery Nettleton - W of Town Creek above Lusby Bridge; on Peacely Ferry Rd N34 00.8' W088 34.3' Complete Kay Koonce
Willis Cemetery W of New Hamilton Available  
Lavinda Willis Cemetery E of New Hamilton Available  
Wilson Cemetery .5 mi E of Greenbrier Available  
Wilson Cemetery 7 mi NE of Tadpole Creek - 2nd district Available  
Woodlawn Cemetery Hwy 8 W Available  
Alex Word Cemetery 2 mi E of Hwy 45 on McAlister Road Available  
Frank Word Cemetery SW of Old Hwy 41 Available  
Sam Word Cemetery W of N McAlister Road Available  
Thomas Word Cemetery E of Dred Sykes Cemetery Available  
Word-Baker Cemetery W of McAlister Road Available  
Wren Cemetery Old Wren Adopted Scott Biggers
Young Cemetery 5 mi SW of Muldon Available  
Young Memorial Cemetery Smithville Available  


Many thanks to Jessica Fry for her interest in getting this project off the ground and for her work on the project from 2000-2003 on the project.

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