Irvin Cemetery

Transcribed by James Hardy Wise

photo of Irvin Cemetery

The Irvin Cemetery is located off the Gar Irvin road. About one-half mile from the intersection of Sipsey-Detroit road, Gar Irvin road( a gravel road) takes a 90 turn south. The cemetery is about 175 yards from the road to the north at that point. There is neither road nor trail leading to the site. There is an old crib near the road edge that is almost due south of the cemetery, although it may not survive many more years. The cemetery is not marked on the USGS maps but it is in the NE corner of Section 19, Township 13S, Range 16W which is shown on the Greenwoold Springs, MS map.

The cemetery was transcribed on 7 March 2001 by James Hardy Wise. There were seven graves with marked headstones and several more marked by rocks, and one site marked by a rock structure. The inscriptions are:

Sidney Irvin
April 4, 1818
Jan 26, 1888
Aged 69 yrs 9 Mos 22 Ds
Thos. Irvin
Dec 26, 1816
Jan 20, 1896
Aged 79 Yrs, 25 Ds


Suffronia Cox
Nov 28, 1852
July 19, 1928

Martha B. Irvin
Aug 19, 1863

Jacob N. Irvin
Sept 1, 1863
1 Yr 5 Mos 21 Ds

Mary Ann
Born 1793
Died 1869
Born 1780
Died 1858


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