Nethery Cemetery
Monroe County, Mississippi

Personal Survey 11/24/2000
Greg Green

Location: Cemetery is located off Gar Irvin Road in the extreme southeast corner of the southeast quarter of Section 20, Township 13 South, Range 16 West.

Directions: Enter Monroe County on the Blaylock Road. Turn right onto the Gar Irvin Road . Look for a well maintained road ascending the hill to your immediate right.

Luther G. Nichols 10/16/1868 - 7/22/1900

Pauline, wife of Luther Nichols 7/26/1868 - 2/12/1928

Auther L. Nichols 11/3/1897 - 6/28/1899

Infant Daughter of Molly and Oscar Lowery

Molly Nethery Lowery "Rest In Peace"

Thomas Halen, son of T.G. and S.A Nethery 3/11/1887 - 10/14/1901

Kara, daughter of T.G. and M.R. Nethery 3/11/1898 - 3/29/1898

Kora, daughter of T.G. and M.R Nethery 3/11/1898 - 4/3/1898

Martha R., wife of T.G. Nethery 12/15/1857 - 2/2/1896

Thomas G. Nethery 10/27/1858 - 2/3/1923

Harry Nethery 2/24/1906 - 9/7/1919

Troy Nethery 11/16/1913 - 1931

Daniel G. Nethery 5/11/1872 - 9/14/1926

Sally Munn Nethery Died Approximately 1902

Elmer Nethery

Roland Nethery

John Nethery 6/6/1807 - ?

Daughter of D.G. and Maggie Nethery

Daughter of D.G. and Maggie Nethery



The following graves appear in the Blaylock Inventory. He notes that they are located in the woods below the cemetery. I did not look for these graves during this inventory.

Lucy Camp Nethery 12/17/1830 - 5 /22/1891

Cynthia Camp Nethery 1853 - ?


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