Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Partial Transcription by Jan Murff Melton

I stumbled accidentally across a cemetery I've been looking for for a few years now. Pleasant Grove Cemetery (and church) at 40053 Vernon Rd., shortly before it intersects Wolf Rd. It goes across the MS/AL line where it changes to Aberdeen Rd.

A little sign in front of the church said 1863. I took a picture of it, the church and the cemetery. It's a Methodist church, still used, and well kept. Rev. Darrell Sanderson is the pastor.

I transcribed only a few of the names - those related to me. My comments of explanation are in parentheses.

(my gr-gr-grandpa and grandmother)
James R. Murff
4-25-1845 -- 9-22-1904

Mary Rebecca Murff
9-5-1844 -- 1-5-1927

(James R.'s brother:)
Connell O. Murff

(and wife)

Eugenie A. Murff

(James R.'s son and my gr-grandad:)
Henry Clay Murff

(and wife, my gr-grandma:)
Rebecca Ann Murff

Other Murffs:

(Stephen Raymond)
S.R. Murff
7-8-1878 -- 7-24-1934

Nettie J. Murff
wife of S.R.
12-20-1881 / 1-8-1909

(S.R.'s 2nd wife, who married again after his death, but was murdered by 2nd husband!)
Alice Murff Sumner
12-19-1886 / 10-29-1954

Annie Lee Murff
Infant daughter of
S.R. and Alice

Eula Murff Butler
8-5-1917 / 6-27-1983

(The next two were engraved on one large stone)

Eugene A. Murff
9-10-1915 -- 1-6-1941
Harold W. Murff
2-4-1921 -- 3-7-1941
"Sons of Myrtis 1883-1977 and Almon C. Murff 1882-1929"


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