Richard Brown Cemetery (aka Hathcock Cemetery)

Old Coker’s Store Precinct
Pearce Chapel Rd located on the property of Paul Kennedy
October 20, 2002
Patricia Horne

Transcriber's Note: The Richard Brown Cem. listed on Monroe County Page is the same as Hathcock Cemetery is listed in Turon. It is located west of Bethlehem Community. It may have been in Turon at some point in time. The lines may have changed. Turon is in Itawamba County , and the cemetery is in Monroe County, MS. If there is another Hathcock Cem. located in Turon, Itawamba County ,MS I have not found it. The people buried in the Monroe County one are my husband's people and they do not know of another named Hathcock. Richard Brown owed the same land at some time just like the Hathcock did.
Hathcock, S. J. 1-16-1831 5-27-1895
Hathcock, M. F.
no dates
S. J. Hathcock(on stone) is Starling James Hathcock and is wife M. F. is Malinda Frances Hathcock ( can't read metal marker)or could be Frances Malinda (have seen it both ways.) Also buried here, but no stones are Thomas Hathcock and wife Martha E. Allen-parents of Starling Hathcock [information from Jimmie Frances Kenndy and sent in by Patricia R. Horne on Feb. 10, 2008]
Hathcock, Evans

              Note: Several sandstone markers may be Towery and Silas

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