Thompson Cemetery
Transcription by Evelyn Huff and Wanda Irwin - July 24, 2003

Location: Hatley-Detroit Road, Monroe County, MS

NOTE (10/10/05): Date of Birth, Date of Death, and Notes fields are one cell off from Bobby Wymon Hester down. (Bobby's data is on Marlene, etc.) I don't have time to make the edits at this time, but I will make them ASAP. Thanks to Pat Horne for spotting the problem.

Date of Birth
Date of Death
Boyd, Gertie L. 6-24-1873 4-8-1959 Wife of Orce B.
Boyd, Orce B. 5-26-1873 3-30-1939 Husband of Gertie L.
Faulkner, Luanie 1884 1970 Wife of W. M.
Faulkner, W. M. 1877 1950 Husband of Luanie
Hawkins, John Nelson* 1847 1928 Husband of Susan Francis Allen
Hawkins, Susan Francis Allen* 1867 1924 Wife of John Nelson
Hester, Bobby Wymon
Hester, Marlene Jones 7-22-1938 5-22-2000 Husband of Marlene
Jones, Burnie 11-5-1970 12-31-1992 Son of Marlene & Bobby
Jones, Marcell 7-5-1923 4-2-1986 Husband of Marcell
Jones, Infant Daughter 11-9-1925   Wife of Burnie
Jones, Infant Son 8-10-1952 8-10-52 Daughter of Burnie & Marcell Jones
Jones, Infant Son 3-5-1945 3-5-1945 Son of Burnie & Marcell Jones
Jones, C. C. 3-5-1945 3-5-1945 Son of Burnie & Marcell Jones
Jones, Nettie 12-17-1881 4-1-1958 Husband of Nettie
Jones, Curtis 2-18-1882 11-26-1968 Wife of C. C.
Jones, Lorina 7-13-1912 8-18-1953
Lann, Archie L. 8-27-1911(?) 9-1-1911
Lann, Elzie R. 4-5-1910 5-22-1971 Husband of Elzie
Lann, Infant Sons 9-17-1917 10-18-1995 Wife of Archie
Lann, Danny D. (Bear) No dates No dates Sons of Archie & Elzie Lann
Lann, Debra J. 4-4-1953 12-31-1982 Married Debra J. on 8-18-1978
Milican, Samuel M. 1-16-1834 7-22-1862
Milican, Ethel P. 8-13-1883 7-17-1964 Husband of Ethel P.
Milican, Adeen 7-25-1891 1-13-1977 Wife of Samuel M.
Milican, Berdeen 1-5-1940 4-17-1940 Son of Samuel & Ethel Millican
Milican, Eller 2-10(?)-1917 3-7-1917 Son of Samuel & Ethel Millican
Milican, Mack 2-15-1866 11-17-1955 Wife of Mack
Neal, Quinton Alfana 2-19-1857 8-5-1920 Husband of Eller
Neal, Ruby Bell 10-6-1922 3-19-1924
Northington, Evelyn 9-10-1901 2-22-1942
Northington, Myrtle 12-24-1935 1-31-1936 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. V. Northington
Northington, Pearl 7-13-1910 6-7-1911
Northington, Zoe Amos 1884 1969 Wife of Zoe Amos
Roe, Lessie 1880 1961 Husband of Pearl
Simmons, Ortie G. 5-15-1890 6-10-1891
Simmons, Reuben H. 5-6-1916 10-3-1919
Simmons, Virgie 1870 1944 Husband of Virgie
Simmons, T. Leota 1882 1964 Wife of Reuben H.
Stanford, Anna 1911 1948
Stanford, G. W. 1873 1942 Wife of G. W.
Stanford, Kirby L. 1872 1961 Husband of Anna
Stanford, Henry G. 12-27-1897 2-4-1920 Son of G. W. & A. M.
Stanford, John W. 5-8-1842 4-24-1921
Stanford, Mary Jane 1881 1972 Husband of Mary Jane
Thompson, Alexander 1843 1923 Wife of John W.
Thompson, J. A. 11-14-1834 8-12-1898
Thompson, S. A. 5-8-1847 1-5-1918 Wife of S. A. Thompson
Thompson, Ozealor B. 3-14-1834 3-12-1922 Husband of J. A. Thompson
Thompson, Jimmy L. 3-18-1871 4-28-1873 Daughter of S. A. & J. A. Thompson
Thompson, Johnnie Bell 11-20-1878 5-13-1936 Husband of Johnnie Bell
Thompson, M. H. 8-21-1880 4-30-1956 Wife of Jimmy L.
Thompson, Ruble 2-6-1812 1-17-1891
Thompson, William 7-2-1915 10-23-1918
Williams, Hansel L. 4-22-1809 1-17-1891
Williams, Samuel L 7-14-1968 7-14-1968 Son of Samuel L. & Betty Sue Pace
Williams. Lola N. 4-19-1922 7-2-1982 Husband of Lola N.
???, Marion or Moranda Ann 9-5-1913 8-29-1991 Wife of Samuel L.
Unmarked Grave by Hansel L. Williams 9-?? Marker says Pickle Funeral Home, Amory
Unmarked Grave by Henry G. Stanford
Unmarked Grave by Henry G. Stanford
Unmarked Grave by Kirby L. Stanford
Unmarked Grave by Lessie Roe
Unmarked Grave by M. H. Thompson
Unmarked Grave near Eller Milican grave
Unmarked Grave next to Jimmy L. Thompson grave
Unmarked Grave next to Jimmy L. Thompson grave
Unmarked Graves with concrete blocks around them next to Jimmy L. Thompson grave
Unreadable Marker between Curtis and Lorina Jones
Unreadable Marker by Ortie G. Simmons grave
Unreadable Marker by Ortie G. Simmons grave
Unreadable Marker by Ortie G. Simmons grave
Unreadable Marker by T. Leota Simmons grave

* Hawkins are Great Grandparents of Evelyn Huff and Wanda Irwin


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