DEED - Benson Tubb et al to John A. Parish

Transcribed by Lori Thornton

Source: Monroe County, Mississippi Deed Record 55, pp. 424-425

Benson Tubb Et al. Deed To John A. Parish

In consideration that John A. Parish assures and agrees to pay H. S. Gilleylen a certain note executed by John Tubb Sr. January the 1st 1886 for $80.00 which now amounts to one hundred and twenty Dollars and is a lien on the land described as the SW ¼ of SW ¼ Sec. 20 T. 12 R 18 West, the same constituting the purchase money due on said land. We the undersigned Mary E. Fowlkes, Darthuly J. Parish, Benson Tubb, Elizabeth F. Tubb, James Tubb, Wilson Nash husband of Belinda Nash deceased and Wilton Nash Jr. only son of said deceased, hereby convey and warrant to said John A. Parish the said SW ¼ of SW ¼ sec. 20 T 12 R 18 West containing 40 acres more or less.
                    Witness our signatures August the 15th 1891.
                                                             Susan (her x mark) Tubb v
                                                             Benson Tubb v
                                                             Darthuly J. (her x mark) Parish v
                                                             Mary E. (her x mark) Foulkes v
                                                             Jas. A. Tubb v
                                                             John Wilton (his x mark) Nash v
                                                             E. F. (her x mark) Tubb v
                                                            Wilson (his x mark) Nash v

State of Mississippi }
Monroe County      }          Personally appeared before the undersigned authority the above named Mary E. Fowlkes, Darthuley J. Parish, Benson Tubb, Elizabeth F. Tubb, James Tubb, Susan Tubb, Wilson Nash Sr. and Wilson Nash Jr. who acknowledged that they signed and delivered the foregoing Deed on the day and year therein mentioned as their act and deed.
                Witness my signature the 15 day of August 1890.
                                                             A. H. Rye, J. P.

Filed for record this 10th day of January 1893 at 3 o’clock P.M. and recorded this January 25th 1893.
                                                             W. H. Kolb, Clerk
                                                             By L. B. Harris, D. C.

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