Monroe County, Mississippi Deeds of Trust, Book HH, p. 400
Transcribed by Lori Thornton

In consideration of ten dollars, I convey and warrant to C. E. Hamilton, Trustee, the following described real estate situated in Monroe County, and State of Mississippi, to-wit:-

24 acres off the North side SW 1/4 NW 1/4 and 20 acres off of the North side SE 1/4 NW 1/4, all in Section 21, Township 14, Range 7 East, it being formerly known as part of the Albert Holder land; ALSO,
Northeast 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 and the East Half of the Northwest 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 21, Township 14, Range 7, except 2 acres in the Northeast corner of the Northeast 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 and except two acres in the Southeast corner of the Northeast 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4, both pieces of land so excepted, lying East of Matubba Creek.

This deed of trust and the note secured hereby will be continued in force from year to year for five years from this date, provided the annual taxes and annual interest and part of the principle is paid annually; in the event the annual taxes, or annual interest & part of the principle is not paid annually, then the deed of trust shall be foreclosed.
In trust to secure George C. Paine the sum of $700.00 Dollars, evidenced by my note of even date herewith, due and payable as follows:
When due: 1st of Oct. 1923.
Of the amount of $700.00, the sum of $550.00 is the purchase price of the 44 acres bought from Bertha Ann Holder and $150.00 is loaned me to finance me this year.
All of which both principal and interest notes are to bear 6 per cent interest per annum, payable annually after date until paid. The grantor agrees to keep said property insured for use of beneficiary in the sum of $_____.
If the above indebtedness shall be paid at maturity, and all taxes on said property shall be paid as required by law, then this trust shall be fully satisfied. If any taxes assessed against said property shall not be paid at maturity by the grantor herein, the same may be paid by the beneficiary or his assigns, and the same on such payment shall become a charge on such property and secured by this instrument. Upon the non-payment of taxes, or upon non-payment of any part of said indebtedness or interest at maturity or to keep said property insured, the whole of said indebtedness may be declared to be due, and shall become collectable at the option of the holder of said indebtedness. Upon the non payment of taxes or any part of said indebtedness or to keep said property insured, the Trustee shall at the request of the beneficiary or his assigns or legal representatives, after advertising as per Section 2772 of teh Code of Mississippi, 1906, sell said property or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay indebtedness then unpaid at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, in fron [sic] of the Court House Door in said County, and out of the proceeds of said sale, the Trustee shall first pay the cost of executing this trust deed, including five per cent commission to the Trustee; second, he shall pay said indebtedness and any balance shall be paid to the grantor or his representatives. If the said Trustee shall die, or from any cause shall not execute this trust, then the beneficiary of this trust deed or his assigns or legal representatives, shall have full power to appoint a trustee in the place of said C. E. Hamilton, Trustee, and the said substituted Trustee shall have the same authority and duties as are conferred on the first named trustee.
Witness my signatures this 20 day of June, 1922.
I. L. Lantz

Personally appeared before me, the undersigned authority of law in and for said county the within named I. L. Lantz who acknowledged that he signed and delivered the foregoing instrument on the day and year therein mentioned.
(Seal) S. A. Dalton, Justice of the Peace.

Filed for record in my office the 21st, day of June, A. D. 1922, at 3 o'clock, P.M. and was truly recorded on the 1st day of July, 1922.
Joe T. Morgan, CLERK

Satisfied in full. This Nov. 27th 1922.
George C. Paine
Attest: J. T. Morgan, Chancery Clerk
By: G. G. Ray, D/C

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