Nettleton School Alumni Roster

Submitted by Susie Marshall

Note: In consideration of privacy of living individuals, only persons through the class of 1925 have been posted online at this time.

Golden Anniversary
Nettleton High School

1906 --- 1956

Alumni Roster


This list is published for the purpose of giving all graduates the information we have. It is as nearly correct as we can get. Prior to the building of the new school building all records were lost and we got the information where we could find it. It is not officially from school records.

Class of 1906
1. Mrs. Betty Lou Wiygul Johnson Nettleton, Miss. Housewife
2. E. I. Wiygul (Deceased)

Class of 1907
1. Rev. J. L. Mecklin Abberille, Miss. Minister
2. Dr. B. D. Hansell (Deceased)

Class of 1908
1. Miss Virginia Thomas Tupelo, Miss. School Teacher
2. Miss Frieda Wiygul (Deceased)

Class of 1909
1. Mrs. Adeline Jumper Noah Aberdeen, Miss. Housewife
2. Mrs. Lucille Feemster Dabbs Tupelo, Miss. Housewife

Class of 1910
1. Mrs. Frankie McGaughy Burney Tupelo, Miss. School Teacher
2. George Randolph Bonita Springs, Fla. Contactor
3. Mrs. Lottie Hansell Furr Aberdeen, Miss. Welfare employee

Class of 1911
1. Mrs. Millage Reid Wiygul Young Nashville, Tenn. Housewife
2. Mrs. Irma Moreland Cain Ashville, N. C. Housewife
3. J. R. Burney (Deceased)
4. Mrs. Ethel Ballard Young (Deceased)
5. J. R. Hunter Tupelo, Miss. Manufacturer
6. Walker Hansell Cleveland, Miss.
7. Porter Burney (Deceased)

Class of 1912
1. Mrs. Irma Francis May Lantrip Amory, Miss. Housewife
2. Miss Iris Randolph Nettleton, Miss. Farmer
3. John Grissom No address

Class of 1913
1. Mrs. Lottie Park Buchanan Nettleton, Miss. Housewife & Teacher
2. Dr. J. O. Lowe Tulsa, OK Doctor
3. Bill Hairston Estancia, N. M. Farmer
4. L. C. Young Nettleton, Miss. Farmer
5. Mrs. Eva Bryan Gravlee Tupelo, Miss. Housewife
6. Lee Coggin Nettleton, Miss. Merchant

Class of 1914
1. Mrs. Naomi Burney Hanks Sturtgart, Ark. Florist
2. J. L. Burgess Jackson, Miss. Salesman
3. Miss Anne Bell Quillin (Deceased)
4. Miss Kathleen Jumper (Deceased)

Class 1915
1. Mrs. Ida Kingsley Baker (Deceased)
2. Miss Nellie Gray Nettleton, Miss.
3. Hugh Brady (Deceased)
4. Mrs. Lizzie Young Nettles Tishomingo, Miss. Housewife
5. Earl Cunningham No Address
6. Basil McDuffie (Deceased)

Class of 1916
1. Mrs. Jodie Johnson Tirey Columbus, Miss. Civil Service
2. Mrs. Ruby Quillin Burney Arcola, Miss
3. Mrs. Carl Gladys Wiygul McDuffie Nettleton, Miss. Housewife
4. Mrs. Eugenie Roberts Brady Nettleton, Miss. Music Teacher
5. Hubert Lowe Corinth, Miss. Cotton
6. John Brady Memphis, Tenn. Railroad
7. Merle Bryan Nettleton, Miss. Merchant
8. Mrs. Inez McDuffie Wohner Canton, Miss. Housewife
9. Felix Edens Gulfport, Miss.
10. French Randolph (Deceased)

Class of 1917
1. Mrs. Anne Lou Francis Todd Birmingham, Ala. Music Teacher
2. Houston McGaughy Tupelo, Miss. Farmer
3. Mrs. Emma Laura Jumper Blair Gattman, Miss. Housewife
4. Mrs. Margaret Feemster Robinson Tupelo, Miss. Housewife
5. Keith Webb Nettleton, Miss Retired
6. Mrs. Genevieve Ballard Peugh Washington, D. C. Housewife
7. Mrs. Sadie Cox Carter Scarsdale, N. Y. Real Estate
8. Mrs. Jessie Jumper Marshall Terrell, Texas Housewife
9. Clifton Wamble No Address
10. Mrs. Fannie Sue Stephens Monaghan (Deceased)

Class of 1918
1. Roy Chastain (Deceased)
2. Ed Burgess Tupelo, Miss. Salesman & Farmer
3. Roy Partlow Plantersville, Miss. Merchant
4. J. A. Wiygul, Jr. Nettleton, Miss. Banker
5. Mrs. Valeria Williams Wallace Ellisville, Miss. Teacher & Housewife
6. Mrs. Sarah Johnson Bervoets Nashville, Tenn. Housewife
7. Mrs. Murrie Shumpert Gurney Nettleton, Miss. Housewife
8. Mrs. Eva Ballard Miller Columbus, Miss. Housewife

Class of 1919
1. J. H. Feemster Tupelo, Miss. Salesman
2. Dubois Davis (Deceased)
3. L.C. Lowe Corinth, Miss. Cotton
4. Mrs. Nimmie Harrie Baker Nashville, Tenn. Secretary
5. Mrs. Travette McDuffie Roy Albuquerque, N. M. School Teacher
6. Mrs. Gertrude Pennal Ragsdale Gladeville, Tenn. Lunch Room Operator
7. Mrs. Celia Sisk Williams Plantersville, Miss. Housewife
8. Mrs. Mary Cunningham Bradley Aberdeen, Miss. Housewife

Class of 1920
1. Miss Orphis Atkins Nettleton, Miss. Merchant
2. Miss Mildred Barnard Birmingham, Ala. School Teacher
3. Dan Brady Memphis, Tenn. Foreman Ford Plant
4. Mrs. Lucy Cox Howard Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Housewife
5. Mrs. Addie Lou Pennal MacAndrews Nashville, Tenn. Secretary
6. Mrs. Cloe Lowery Elkin Jackson, Miss. Housewife
7. Carl Riddings Tupelo, Miss. Public Account
8. Mrs. Edith Roberts Van Brocklin Memphis, Tenn. Housewife
9. Mrs. Corine Wiygul Ray Houston, Miss. Teacher & Housewife
10. Mrs. Lillian Wiygul Peugh Amory, Miss. Teacher & Housewife
11. Miss Eva McDuffie (Deceased)
12. Mrs. Frankie Francis Powell (Deceased)
13. Mrs. Offie Park Coggin (Deceased)
14. Burney Monaghan (Deceased)

Class of 1921
1. Mrs. Runie Minga Chism Nettleton, Miss. Housewife
2. Miss Mady Coggin Chattahochie, Fla. Teacher
3. Mrs. Dens Burgess Partlow Plantersville, Miss. Housewife
4. Mrs. Mary Oberschmidt Brewster Hickory, Miss.
5. Mrs. Frankie Mae Morris Davis Carlisle, Pa. Civil Service
6. Herbert Minga Denton, Texas Minister
7. Longino L. Bethay Booneville, Miss. Factory Manager
8. Tom Mullins Birmingham, Ala.
9. Cecil Oliver Birmingham, Ala.
10. Buford Woodard Memphis, Tenn.
11. Gurvis Knight (Deceased)
12. Rowland Guyton Nettleton, Miss. Salesman
13. Roy Burt Lakin, Miss. Merchant
14. R. A. Shumpert Nashville, Tenn.

Class of 1922
There was no class this year. The twelfth grade was added.

Class of 1923
1. Mrs. Trudie Ballard Bently Gadsden, Ala. Teacher & Housewife
2. Mrs. Mattie Monaghan Pennington Amory, Miss. Housewife
3. Mrs. Daisey Burgess Gaetz Worcester, Mass. Hat Salon
4. Grady Coggin (Deceased)
5. Roy Guyton Tupelo, Miss. Wholesale store
6. James Brady Memphis, Tenn. Foreman Ford Plant
7. Miss Emma Brady (Deceased)
8. Miss Lorraine Renshaw Eustis, Fla. Secretary
9. Charles Thomas Rogers Plantersville, Miss.
10. Roy Burt (completed 12th grade) Lakin, Miss. Merchant

Class of 1924
1. Archie McDuffie Nettleton, Miss. Post Master, Merchant
2. Holder Farrar Nettleton, Miss. Farmer
3. Mrs. Evelyn Temple Addington Nettleton, Miss. Housewife
4. Mrs. Fannie Pearl Blanton Rowland Memphis, Tenn. Housewife
5. James E. Price Amory, Miss. Dispatcher
6. Mrs. Hazel Barnard Akers Bear Creek, Ala. Housewife
7. Mrs. Gaither Bathey Bourdreax Metairie, La. Housewife
8. Mrs. Ruby Brown Harwell Amory, Miss. Housewife
9. Mrs. Reba Burgess Wilson Itta Bena, Miss. Housewife
10. Mrs. Gertrude Burt Jenner Nettleton, Miss. School Teacher
11. Mrs. Lois Coggin Riley Nettleton, Miss. Housewife
12. Winston Coggin Birmingham, Ala.
13. Iro Lowery Mariauna, Fla. School Teacher
14. Mrs. Lera Pennal Davis Chester, Ill. Housewife
15. Mrs. Vera Pennal Simmons Memphis, Tenn. Housewife
16. Dr. Russell Trapp Tuscumbia, Ala. Physician
17. Mrs. Bertha Greenhill Adams Blue Springs, Miss. Housewife

Class of 1925
1. S. M. Tapscott Gulf Port , Miss. Teacher
2. Mrs. Alza Roberts Farrar Reform, Ala. Housewife
3. Mrs. Elouise Trapp Parr Nettleton, Miss. Merchant & Housewife
4. Mrs. Rena Burt Austin
5. Mrs. Esther Patterson Hague Langhorn, Pa. Housewife
6. Mrs. Blanche Johnson Black Birmingham, Ala. Teacher & Housewife
7. Mrs. Ethel Blanton Williams Tupelo, Miss. Housewife
8. W. K. Davis Jackson, Miss. Southern Bell
9. Dr. Quinton Dabbs Philadelphia, Pa. Professor, Penn State
10. Julian Webb Memphis, Tenn. Southern Bell
11. Mrs. Maxine McGaughy Pethtel Vincennes, Ind. Housewife
12. Easley Bethay
13. Mrs. Closter Sullivan Moore Birmingham, Ala. Teacher
14. Mrs. Merle Gregory Englehardt Columbus, Miss. Housewife



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