Photograph submitted by Lionel Stegall

Cedarwycke House

     Construction began in 1852, under the direction of Griffin Roberts, and was finished by his widow, Mrs. Mary Martin Roberts. This three story house sits within sight of original Hamilton, Mississippi. Griffin Roberts died in 1852 while the big house was under construction.

Many different people have owned this house over the years. It was bought by David Marshall Mattox Sr. and his wife, Ruth, in 1946. Ruth Mattox named the house, Cedarwycke. In 1987 Helen Mattox Crawford Marshal, Ruthís daughter, became the owner. Now in 2007 Helenís daughter, Sue and her husband, Don Wright, live in the big house.

An interesting and more detailed article (from which parts of this were taken) on Cedarwycke can be found in the book, History of Monroe County, on page 269 written by Helen Mattox Crawford.

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