Speight Masonic Lodge #178

Submitted by Gracie Mayfield Morlino [Deceased]

The photograph below, although labeled First Masonic Lodge of Amory, Mississippi is thought to be the Speight Masonic Lodge #178 of Cotton Gin Port. The gentleman on the Front Row, Third from the Right, with his hat in his hand is James Allison Mayfield (great grandfather of Gracie, the submitter). J. A. Mayfield served this lodge as Master around 20 times. James A. was born 27 July 1853. The lodge started at Cotton Gin Port and moved to Amory. James A.'s son, William Norton Mayfield, also served as Master while his father was alive (to the best of Gracie's knowledge). William Norton Mayfield was born 16 July 1893 when J. A. was 40. The estimated date of this photo is ca. 1880. If anyone can supply a more definite date for the photo, please contact me.

photo of members of Speight Masonic Lodge #178 of Cotton Gin Port

A handwritten list of the members of the Speight Masonic Lodge #178 of Cotton Gin Port for the year 1879 has been located. Many of the names below correspond with those on the photo above. There are 39 men in the photo and 25 on the list. It is likely that the ones dropped from the rolls as mentioned in the note to Bro. Nabors were on the photo. The list was compiled by Wright Cunningham and submitted to "Bro. Nabors" in 1880.

Wright Cunningham, W. M.                          J. A. Nabors, Sec.
Jno. D. Allison, S. W.                                  W. A. Griffith, S. D.
J. A. Thompson, J. W.                                 J. H. Mongomery, J. D.
O. M. Redmon, Treas.                                 J. R. Finley, Tiler
Franklin Finney, P. M.
Black, John                                                 Pruett, J. B.
Burton, W. T.                                              Stricklin, J. C.
Crump, J. J.                                                Tubb, James
Crump, T. B.                                               Tubb, Nicholas
Crump, A. S.                                               Westbrook, G. T.
Cabot, F. M.
Carter, W. A.                                              Bro. Nabors
Finley, J. M.                                                The foregoing is a copy of the
Flynt, J. T.                                                    Returns of Speight Lodge No.
Grady, E. C.                                                 178 for the year 1879. All men
Grady, W. W.                                               on the Ledger and not on this
Grady, J. A.                                                  list have already been disposed
Grady, J. G.                                                  of by the Lodge. Apr. 18th
Hughes, W. J.                                               1880.
James, R. E.                                               Frat'ly
Kelly, J. R.                                                            Wright Cunningham
Loftin, W. H.
Marshall, W. S.
Mayfield, Isaac
Moore, Jesse
Nabors, F. M.

[I saw a scanned copy of this and thought that J. T. Flynt was J. F. Flynn. I also thought that J. G. Grady was J. C. Grady. I thought R. E. James was R. E. Jones. I thought W. S. Marshall was W. L. Marshall. If you can provide better information on the names, let me know.]

Officer Abbreviations:

W. M. - Worshipful Master
S. W. - Senior Warden
J. W. - Junior Warden
Treas. - Treasurer
P. M. - Past Master
Sec. - Secretary
S. D. - Senior Deacon
J. D. - Junior Deacon
Taylor was the office title for the doorkeeper or guard

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