Last Will and Testament of Richard Henry Bowen
Submitted by Marilyn Dickson

Last Will and Testament of Richard Henry Bowen

I, Richard Henry Bowen of Amory, Monroe County, Mississippi, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, declare this to be my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking any former will and testament that I may have made.

Item II: I direct that all my just and honest debts be paid, including all the expenses of my last sickness and burial, and any other just and honest debts that I may owe at the time of my death.

Item II. I hereby give, devise and bequeath to my wife, Mrs. Martha A. Bowen, the use of all my property, real and personal, during her life time for the purpose of supporting herself and any dependent member of our family that may live with her. She may use all of the income from said property for the purpose stated, and in addition may use sufficient amount of any money that I may have at the time of my death, including bank deposits and notes to provide such support in the event that the income from said property is not sufficient.

Item III. I give, divise and bequeath to my daughter, Miss Leta Bowen, One Thousand Dollars, to be paid to her upon the death of her Mother, Mrs. Martha A. Bowen, and she shall have the use of all my real property during her life time after the death of her Mother. She shall also participate in the division of my estate herein after mentioned.

Item IV: Upon the death of my wife, Mrs Martha A. Bowen, it is my desire that my daughter, Miss Leta Bowen, shall have all the household and kitchen furniture and bed clothes that I may own at the time of my death, said property to belong to her during her life time and then to be divided as the remainder of my personal property herein after mentioned.

Item V: I give, divise, and bequeath to my grandson, Farris Henderson, Five Dollars, and direct that he shall not participate further in the division of my estate. This amount is to be paid at any time after my death.

Item VI: After the provision of Items I to V, inclusive, have been compiled with, I give, divise, and bequeath the remainder of my estate to the following named persons, share and share alike, to wit: To my sons, Robert H. Bowen, James W. Bowen, Trannie Bowen, Sumpter Bowen, John A. Bowen and Neeley Bowen: to my daughters, Mrs Sarah E. Mattox, Mrs Callie Wax and Miss Leta Bowen and to my granddaughter, Miss Vista Maxey. I direct that any amount due to my daughter, Mrs. Callie Wax, shall not be paid to her until the death of her husband, Roy Wax; and if she die before her husband, then her share is to be paid to children upon the death of their Father, Roy Wax. The distribution of personal property may be made at any time after the death of my wife, Mrs. Martha A. Bowen, except as otherwise provided herein; but no division of real estate is to be made with the death of my daughter, Miss Leta Bowen.

Item VII: I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my two sons, John A. Bowen and Neely Bowen, Executors of this my last Will and Testament, the two to act jointly in all things, and I hereby relieve them the necessity of making bond and of accounting to any court for their acts and doings hereunder. And if either of them should die before the final settlement of my estate, the other shall act as executor.

Item VIII: If any divise herein mentioned shall die before my death, then the share of such divise shall go to his or her children, or be divided equally among the distributor mentioned in Item VI in case such devisee shall have no children living.

Signed in Amory, Mississippi, in the presence of the witnesses named below, on the 15th day of January, 1921.
                                                                           Richard Henry Bowen             X

Witnesses: O. C. Gilbert
E. C. Bourland

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