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Surname Researcher
GARNER Clark Sinclair
GARNER Marca Lee McInnes Murray
GASSAWAY Josie Suggs Fannon
GASTON Sylvia Wilson
GATHINGS Lisa Martin
GHOLSON Bill D. Gholson, Sr.
GHOLSON (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
GHOLSTON (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
GILLESPIE Robert Bowen
GILLESPIE (African/Native-American) Bádeenah Clark
GILLEYLEN Randy Johnson
GILLEYLEN Cathy Gilleylen Schultz
GILLILAND Sondra Pettit
GILLISPIE (African/Native-American) Bádeenah Clark
GILMORE Barbara Hensley
GLENN Nadine Nabors
GOHLSON (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
GOLD Peter D. Gold
GORDON Ann Gordon
GORDON Clark Sinclair
GORDON Joan McKinley Williams
GOSA Shirley Franklin
GREGORY Eugenia G. Erber
GREEN Barbara Hensley
GREENE Gracie Mayfield Morlino - Deceased
GRIFFIN Marilyn Griffin Conner
GUEST Loretta Beard
GUIN Jean Carr - Deceased
GUNNEL Linda Logan


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