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Surname Researcher
WALDEN Lorraine Dendy
WALKER Liz Walker
WALL/WALLS Jennifer Childs
WALLACE Morenike Ogebe
WALLACE (African-American) Morenike Ogebe
WALTER Sandra Stephens
WALTERS Sandra Stephens
WALTON Bob Thompson
WARE Clark Sinclair
WARE Nancy Kipp
WEAVER Robert Jones
WEBB Delores King
WEBB Anne Stockton O'Neal
WEBSTER Sharon Tyson
WEST Jim Jaudon
WEST Kenneth W. Houk
WEST Glynn McCalman
WHITAKER Theresa Whitaker
WHITAKER Josie Suggs Fannon
WHITE Margie
WHITE Gracie Mayfield Morlino - Deceased
WHITE Denver White
WHITE Josie Suggs Fannon
WHITE (African-American) Bádeenah Clark
WHITFIELD (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
WILEMAN Bobbi Mozley
WILLIS Clark Sinclair
WILLIS Jean Willis
WILLIS (African-American) LaShawn Briggs-Tellis
WILSON Jim Wilson
WILSON Carol Ann
WINGO David Wingo
WISE June B. Knox
WIYGUL Gracie Mayfield Morlino - Deceased
WOOD Sharon Tyson
WOOD Charles Wood
WRIGHT Bobbi Mozley


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